How Much Does White Water Rafting Cost?

How much does white water rafting cost?

If you’re feeling up for some adrenaline-rush adventure while enjoying some spectacular views, whitewater rafting is the perfect option for your next adventure trip. But, how much does it cost?

How much does white water rafting cost? For a single person, full-day and half-day whitewater rafting prices can range from $30 to $350 USD. A full-day typically ranges from $120 to $350 USD for adults and $130 to $200 USD for youth. This may include lunch and optional activities. Half-day costs range from $30 to $100 USD for both adults and youth. 

Keep in mind; rafting costs vary depending on the size of your group, the length of the trip, and location.

This article will review the average prices of famous rafting trips in Colorado, The Grand Canyon, and white water rafting trips in Costa Rica and Bali. However, the prices for rafting are pretty typical of the states that offer white water rafting.

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How Much Does White Water Rafting Cost? 

Overall, rafting is family and kid-friendly, but pay attention to general regulations and guides on difficulty. 

Since prices vary depending on the type of rafting trip, location, and length of trip, this article will dive into the different examples and take a look at the various options in some rivers that are famous for whitewater rafting.

Note: These prices were researched at the time and date of writing this article. They most likely have changed and may vary depending on season and availability. All prices are shown in US dollars. 

How Much is Whitewater Rafting in Colorado?

Colorado is arguably one of the most popular rafting states for both its beautiful scenery, and spectacular and adventurous white water rafting rivers. 

There are many rivers in Colorado that are great to whitewater raft. Here are the top three most popular rivers and their average price. 

Arkansas River, CO. Rafting Cost

One of the most popular rivers in Colorado stretches through Royal Gorge in Cañon City. 

Departures typically start at Cañon City. 

Rafting Trips

Echo Canyon offers multiple rafting trips that are friendly for kids, kids at heart, and thrill-seekers alike. Here are the three main ones on the Arkansas River:

  • Bighorn Sheep Canyon 
  • Royal Gorge
  • Family Float

Rafting Trip Pricing: 

Half-day prices start at $77 dollars for most of the trips.

Bighorn Sheep Section/Trip Costs

  • Full Day – $77
  • Half Day – $129
  • Full Day Children Under 12 – The Same

Royal Gorge Section/Trip Costs

  • Full Day (20 Miles) – $89
  • Half Day (10 Miles) – $149
  • Children Under 12 – N/A

Family Float Trip Costs

  • Full Day – N/A
  • Half Day (5 Miles) – $77
  • Children Under 12 – $77


Dolores River, CO. Rafting Cost

Second, in rank is the Dolores River. Despite it placing second in the list, Dolores river is loved by rafters for its scenic view and rich history. On this trip, you will pass crimson-colored cliffs and Anasazi ruins while enjoying your thrilling ride. 

The river may vary availability to rafters due to the snowpack and dam releases. Be sure to plan ahead and book early. 

Rafting Trips

Trips on the Dolores River can be long and adventurous; most people like to take several day trips to enjoy rafting on the Dolores. There are two main rapids on the Dolores River:

  1. Ponderosa Gorge – Class II, III, and IV rapids
  2. Slick Rock Canyon – Class II and III

Ponderosa Gorge Rafting Costs

1-Day Trip

  • Adult – $179
  • Youth – $159

2-Day Trip

  • Adult – $499
  • Youth – $399

3-Day Trip

  • Adult – $749
  • Youth – $699

Slick Rock Canyon Costs

Slick Rock Canyon white water rafting is a 3-day trip.

3-Day Trip

  • Adult – $749
  • Youth – $699

Source: Mild2Wild Rafting

Clear Creek, CO. Rafting Costs

If you’re looking for a quicker, single-day trip or want to explore various rapid levels, Clear Creek is a great river to explore. All of the trips start at the Arkansas river in Canon City. 

Rafting Trip Pricing

Pricing can vary depending on the trip and whether its for youth or adult. Most trips are available to both youth and adults. For those that feel extra adventurous, there are also full-day advanced trips for ages 16 and up.

Beginner Trip

  • Adult – $35
  • Youth (7+) – $50

Intermediate Trip

  • Adult (14+) – $65
  • Youth – $N/A

Evening Trip

  • Adult (Beginner)/(Intermediate, ages 14+) – $55/$65
  • Youth (Ages 7+) – $50

Advanced Express Trip

  • Adult (Ages 16+) – $80
  • Youth – $N/A

Advanced Full-Day Trip

  • Adult (Ages 16+) – $135
  • Youth – $N/A

Sources: Clear Creek Rafting and The Know Outdoors 

How Much is Whitewater Rafting in The Grand Canyon?

Much as all the beautiful rivers in Colorado, whitewater rafting is truly an experience in the remarkable Grand Canyon. There are different types of whitewater rafting offered throughout the Grand Canyon and you can choose what best fits your interest and group. 

Motorized Rafting

A motorized rafting can be a great option if you are looking into more sightseeing of the Grand Canyon more than the physical rafting activity. A motorized rafting option helps you see more as you can focus on the views, but it also goes twice the speed of the current. You’ll get to sit back and take in the beauty. 

There are many options available such as a hike-in or hike-out adventure or a long adventure with the motorized raft. Keep in mind, although the 4-day option is the shortest, it is mentioned to be the most challenging.

Motorized Rafting Trip Pricing

  • Four-Day (With Hike Out) – $1550
  • Five-Day (With Hike In) – $2150
  • Seven-Day – $3125
  • Eight-Day – $3125

Oar Powered Rafting

The oar-powered rafts are generally 18 feet long and can carry up to 5 passengers plus one guide. A long oar maneuvers the raft from the middle and the speed of the raft will be dependent on the current of the river. 

Since the guide takes the oar, the passengers are still able to take in the view and enjoy the Grand Canyon. In comparison to the motorized rafting, it is generally slower but longer tours. 

Oar Rafting Trip Pricing

  • Seven-Day with Hike Out – $2535
  • Nine-Day with Hike In – $3225
  • Fifteen-Day – $4495

Source: Grand Canyon White Water

Grand Canyon West on the Hualapai River 

The trips on Hualapai River ranges from a 1-day, 2-day trip to 5-day whitewater rafting tours. On the trips you’ll get to enjoy meals while taking in the fabulous views of the Grand Canyon. All trips offer a hike to Travertine Cavern Falls and more exploration the longer the tour, such as hiking and camping at Spencer Canyon.  

Hualapai River Rafting Trip Pricing

  • One-Day – $325
  • Two-Day – $705
  • Five-Day – $1519

Source: Grand Canyon West

How Much is Whitewater Rafting in Costa Rica?

If you are feeling more adventurous this year and wish to fly over to the rugged and adventurous rainforest of Central America, Costa Rica is a gem that offers numerous rivers for whitewater rafting. 

These are few of the top rivers for whitewater rafting in Costa Rica.

  • Savegre River 
  • Pacuare River
  • Reventazon River

Savegre River Rafting Costs

Savegre river is in the North Puntarenas which includes numbers of other rafting options. Savegre river includes class II and class III rapids and is a great place for a thrilling but not too thrilling adventure. 

As exiting as the trip maybe, you’ll still be able to stop for a bit to hear the rainforest around the river and take a quick dip in the rapids.

Savegre River Rafting Trip Pricing

  • Llano (27k) – $130
  • Brujo (20k) – $120
  • Blanco (14k) – $110

Source: Rafting Savegre River

Pacuare River Rafting Costs

The Pacuare River is in Alajuela, a stunning province in Costa Rica that also offers other activities after your whitewater rafting adventures. You can check out national parks, hot springs, and more rivers. 

Pacuare River offers a class III to IV level of rapid difficulty and is rated as one of the top 10 white water rafting destinations.

Pacuare River Rafting Trip Pricing

  • 5 Hour (Class III-IV) – $100-105

Source: Pacuare Lodge and Rios Tropicales

Reventazon River Rafting Costs

Reventazon River cuts through Cartago with the Pacuare river, and it is as bountiful and adventurous as the Pacuare. Difficulties range from class III to V at the reventazon and are known to be one of the most thrilling in Costa Rica. 

Reventazon River Rafting Trip Pricing

  • 2.5 Hour (Class II-III) – $96 (Adult- 9+)

Source: Rios Tropicales

How Much is Whitewater Rafting in Bali?

Another top location for whitewater rafting is in Bali. Within the luscious nature and culture, Bali is a hot destination location for adventure. 

There are two top river rafting locations recommended in Bali. 

  1. Telaga Waja River
  2. Ayung River Ubud

Telaga Waja River Rafting Costs

Telaga waja river is an adventurous and famous river for whitewater rafters ranging in difficulties in class III-IV. Telaga waja river is the longest whitewater rafting option in Bali, stretching 15 kilometers in the scenic, tropical jungle. 

Whitewater rafting on Telaga is offered by BMW, Bali Mitra Wahana Rafting, and Alam Rafting Karangasem Bali; both are recommended companies for many tourist activities. In addition to whitewater rafting, they offer cycling tours and ATV ventures. 

Telaga Waja River Rafting Trip Pricing


  • Adult (ages 13-60) – $90
  • Youth (ages 9-12) – $75

Alam Rafting

  • Adult (ages 13-60) – $88
  • Youth (ages 9-12) – $N/A

Source: Rafting Bali

Ayung River Ubud Rafting Costs

Ayung river is a great option for beginners. It’s close to the Ubud area and an easy trip to the site if you’re staying in the area. They have difficulties ranging in class II to III and is very suitable for beginners to enjoy a scenic ride. 

Ayung River Ubud rafting is offered by Bali Sobek Rafting. They provide safe and high-quality services and is well known as one of the top companies for Ayung River rafting. 

Ayung River Rafting Trip Pricing

Bali Sobek

  • Adult (ages 16-65) – $55
  • Youth (ages 7-15) – $45

River Rafting Cost Wrap Up 

Whitewater rafting is a fun and adventurous way to explore the outdoors. And as far as outdoor adventure experiences go, it’s reasonably priced and available in many of the North American States, Central America, and around the world.

And in many cases, for less than $100 per person per day, you could mark white water rafting off your bucket list or fall in love with it for life.


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